Dragon Rouge Spring Seminars

Tuesday 31st March 2020, 08:30am–12:00pm

Strategy. Design. Insight. Foresight. We’re hosting a series of inspiring, free-to-attend sessions in close proximity to Oslo Central Station—at Stratos Conference Centre, Youngstorget 2A, 0181 Oslo.

Twenty years of experience. One morning in Oslo.
At Dragon Rouge, we’ve been running seminars for more than twenty years in London, Paris, Singapore and New York. Now, we’re coming to Oslo with content to inspire everyone—whether you’re an FMCG brand manager, or service brand professional.

Think Smarter. Go Further.
We’ve created a morning of fresh perspectives, creative fuel and inspiring debates. Join us as we share our thoughts, insight and knowledge—and invite you to share yours—on important issues relating to brand, design and innovation.



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Introduction by Joe Hale, CEO Dragon Rouge London


Who owns your brand?
How to redefine brand relationships in the age of Alexa and consumer tribalism.

Gone are the days when as marketers we could keep tight control of our brands, clearly defining every experience and never straying from pre-determined boundaries. How can we expect to keep control when the way consumers interact with our brands has so fundamentally changed? From monologue to dialogue, from intermittent to instantaneous, from a few touchpoints to a multitude.

But with this shift comes an opportunity. What if we were to consider ourselves brand guardians not owners? What if we were to make consumers feel like a brand is theirs and not ours? What if employees were in fact our greatest brand advocates? In this seminar we will shed light on how collaboration is shaping brands today and explore ideas for how it can drive distinctiveness and create true loyalty.

What we'll cover

  • The power of collaboration: learning from brands that have tribes not consumers and an open innovation mindset
  • Building brand culture: how brand advocacy can start from within
  • Freedom within a framework: how to balance brand consistency with the increasing desire for local and individual expression


Humanising your brand
The growing case for why humanising your brand is the needed evolution in how we build and manage brands.

At their best, brands can humanise businesses, making them more relevant and relatable. So why are so many businesses seemingly adept at dehumanising brands? As the gap between companies and the people they exist for gets ever narrower, and the expectation for openness and conversation from brands increases, the ability to be able to connect emotionally and more naturally is becoming ever more acute.

But what does it mean to be 'emotional'? What does it take to humanise your brand? In this seminar we’ll explore the power of emotion in branding and communications and showcase the techniques and tools brands use to build deeper and more real connections.

What we'll cover

  • Why emotion matters: the growing case for change in how brands create experiences and communicate with people.
  • Analysis and learnings from leaders: who's leading the field in this space and what's the secret behind their success?
  • The techniques and tools we use to build more emotion and personality through your brand experience.
  • The power of having a voice (verbal identity) that truly reflects your brand.


Building brand relevance through circularity
Helping your brand position and prepare for the circular economy

The world’s leading brands are committing to the transition from a linear to a circular economy. As they build momentum in support for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, they’re finding new sources of differentiation and growth from disruptive innovation in products, services and business models.

From fashion to automotive and consumer electronics to food, there’s a new breed of brands rushing to reposition themselves and better connect with increasingly expectant consumers.

What we'll cover

  • The dominant and emerging motivations of consumers.
  • Getting your story straight: from source to shelf and back again.
  • Brands setting the pace and how they're achieving it.
  • The role of technology in driving engagement into brand experiences.
  • How to start prioritising your path to circularity.


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Kate Sheerin
Associate Director

With a background in strategic innovation and brand development across FMCG and service categories, Kate is experineced in taking trends and translating them into actionable outputs that shape pipelines and steer brand direction.

Joe Hale
CEO London

As CEO of Dragon Rouge London, Joe brings clear sight, smart thinking and inexhaustible energy to projects and helps clients focus on the most effective route to achieve their goals. His passion lies in seeing great ideas take root at the heart of company culture to help deliver a consistent brand experience.

Ant Cox
Executive Director

Ant's role is to help brands grow through better understanding and ownership of what makes them different, applying smarts and creativity to challenges in sectors from telecoms to tech retail, from banking to beer.